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TV Turnoff Week April 19-25 — Let Your Imagination Go!

Celebrate TV Turnoff Week with artist John Ferguson and author Julie Goulis. Their books encourage children to use their imaginations to entertain themselves.

Read their books. Then create your own imaginative fun. To help you get started, here are some suggested screen-free activities you can do during TV Turnoff Week that complement two of their books. Plus, links to more TV Turnoff resources. We'd love to know what screen-free activities you like to do with your family. Email us at info@bubblegumbooks.com. We might even post your ideas here or on our Facebook page.

“Something Shiny, Something Round” activities.

“The Things A String Can Be” activities.

Unplug Your Kids - great blog with a self-explanatory name.

Instead of TV - another blog with lots of screen-free ideas.

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