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Bubblegum Books™, LLC was created in 2004 with a passion for and dedication to stretching children’s imaginations. With creative backgrounds in marketing and advertising, thinking imaginatively is something that comes naturally to us and we’re happy to share our ideas with children. Look for more great books from us in the near future. Or let us know your email address and we’ll gladly keep you posted. Thanks for sharing a piece of Bubblegum.

Julie Goulis, Author
Julie discovered early on that her imagination could keep her entertained for hours. When she and her sisters weren’t playing keep away from the imaginary crocodiles at the bottom of the stairs, she was out running around with her Holly Hobby doll. She also loved to read, with Hansel and Gretel as her favorite book. She now uses her imagination as an advertising copywriter and dreaming up new book ideas. Julie still has her Holly Hobby doll, but she has some new favorite children’s books. Julie lives in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland. Click here to see Julie's smiling face.

John Ferguson, Illustrator
His bunk bed was a time machine that took him on adventures around the universe, which gave him ideas for the comics he drew. In between his inter-galactic adventures, John loved reading Curious George books and playing with his Star Wars toys. Years later, his time machine landed him in the advertising business, where he’s a talented art director and illustrator. If his wife would let him, he’d still wear his Jedi costume out to trick or treat. John lives in North Royalton, Ohio with his wife and two sons. See John in one of his everyday costumes.

Brad Hauber, Executive Editor
Like most young boys, Brad dreamed of playing professional baseball. A glutton for punishment, his favorite team was the Chicago Cubs. He liked pretending to be a shortstop for the Cubs by fielding balls thrown at the side of his house. When his dad wasn't busy cleaning baseball marks off the side of the house, he was in the basement with Brad building elaborate train sets. Brad's favorite childhood book was Where The Wild Things Are. An entrepreneur and freelance writer, Brad owns his own marketing communications agency.

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